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Welcome to Marie's Cleaning Service

Marie's House Cleaning is a family owned residential cleaning service.

Marie's has provided professional and affordable cleaning services to hundreds oflocal residents in the Phoenix area since 2009.

Employees: You will find that of our employees are very professional. They are trained, background checked and certified. Our company does not use sub-contractors, this ensures the quality of our work.

Services Provided: Maid Service, House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery, Area Rugs, Tile Cleaning, Stone Floor Cleaning.

Our Goal: We are dedicated to providing you with professional cleaning services. We know each family is unique, so we customize each service to fit your lifestyle. Please call our office if we can be of service (623) 204-9282.

We would love the opportunity to show you how different we really are!


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Cleaning Tips:

  • One of the most common cleaning mistakes is to apply a cleaning compound and then start scrubbing or rinsing before the compound has a chance to loosen the dirt or grease.

    Whenever you apply a cleaning compoun, follow the manufacturer's instructions, which will usually tell you o wait 30 seconds or longer before you wipe or scrub 70% of the dirt and dust in your house arrives there from the outside.

    It is a very good idea to place floor mats at all, or at least the front entrance to help keep your house clean.

    BEWARE of the feather duster!  They are great cleaning tools, but they can also be dangerous.  If you are not careful with them, they can knock over and damage delicate figurine or other items.  Or, as they begin to wear down, the tips of the feathers can scratch wood surfaces.  Use them with caution

Our Services

Residential Cleaning

Residential Garage Door Services
General Cleaning: empty trash, clean windows (alternate), wipe windowsills, clean window frames, clean door frames, clean door handles, remove cobwebs, clean light switches, wipe walls, dust mini-blinds, dust furniture, clean mirrors
Bedrooms, Living Room, Study: empty trash, make beds, dust furniture, dust blinds, vacuum floor



Commercial Door Services
Kitchen: dust tops of cabinets, wipe tops and front of appliances, wipe cabinets, clean sink, clean countertops, clean stove (and burners), clean refrigerator (inside/outside), clean microwave/oven (inside/outside), empty trash, vacuum and mop floors.
Restrooms: empty trash, dust light fixtures, dust/clean countertops, wipe mirrors, clean sink, wipe/clean counters, wipe cabinets, clean tub and shower, clean toilet, vacuum and mop floor. 


Specific Cleaning Service

Garage Door Openers

 As mentioned before, we provide the best general house cleaning service, which includes: furniture dusting, window washing, vacuuming, bathrooms, kitchens, floors.

Do you have a specific and detail-oriented task for us?  How about a post-construction clean up?  Ready for that "Spring Cleaning?"  Have an empty house that needs a thorough cleaning?

We'll do it!

We've done garage clean-ups, porcelain and silver polishing, and many other detailed jobs.

Basic Cleaning


Spring Replacement

• Dusting in all rooms

• Sweeping & Mopping

• Vacuuming all carpets


Standard Cleaning



• Kitchen: Wipe down countertops, sinks, appliances

• Bathrooms: Wipe down countertops, vanity, sinks, mirror, toilet & tub/shower

• Dusting in all rooms

• Sweeping & Mopping all tile areas

• All Trash taken out



Garage Door Maintenance Program

• Window Washing

• Baseboards

• Inside Appliances: fridge/freezer/oven/microwave

• Wipe Down Walls

• Dust Fans

• Carpet Shampooing

• Pet Clean-up :outside waste pickup, cage/bowl cleaning, and water change